We are official an installer and dealer for bootmod3!

Please contact us to get your ECU unlocked and flashed.

What is bootmod3?

bootmod3 is the first custom tuning platform for the BMW F series vehicles.

What do I need from you to get this going?

  1. License purchased on our website, click here. License currently includes all the features including flashing DME, DCT TCU, logging, live dash, read/clear codes, reset adaptations, reset ECU and others.
  2. bootmod3 mobile app – currently available for Android in the Google Play store, click here. iOS app is just around the corner along with a Web-only version.
  3. BMW ENET (OBD) cable – available on Amazon, one of them available here:…rds=enet+cable
  4. bootmod3 OBD Agent software – free download from dropbox to run on your laptop. Setup instructions provided, click here. Agent software connects your vehicle’s OBD port to bootmod3 servers and the device is not VIN locked.

INSTRUCTIONS for running and updating the OBD Agent:



Optional: bootmod3 Agent hardware device – Convenience always-on option, alternative to #4 above. Why? Removes the need to use a laptop in the car and comes preconfigured with the agent software for connectivity to bootmod3 servers. Alternatively also, there are some neat smaller footprint windows tablets.

Can I use bootmod3 with more than one car?

bootmod3 license applies to 1 VIN. OBD Agent hardware device however can be used on multiple cars.

Can I just buy the flasher or just the logger as I don’t care for other features?

We strongly believe a tuning platform should have all of the features provided and we are adding more all the time without additional licensing fees. In case of higher demand for portions of bootmod3 features such as offering flash-only or logging-only licenses, we do have the means to seaperate them out. Please inquire separately at this time.

Do I need to unlock my DME?

Yes. One time DME unlock is required to gain OBD access.

Who can unlock it for me?

We can take care of the DME unlock at our home location listed on our website or through any of the authorized unlocker dealer locations listed here in alphabetical order below. NOTE: Some of the dealers above offer their own custom tuning services all of which can be loaded and logged through bootmod3


DME is unlocked, got the car back, I have the license activation key and original 4MB factory file from the car, mobile app is downloaded and installed, what’s next?

Log in and follow the prompts to configure your vehicle in the app. It should be fairly straightforward but if any questions at all drop us a line.

How do I get a tune to flash on my car?

bootmod3 comes with one OTS tune/map for your car’s modifications and octane from us. Additional OTS maps if needed can be provided as a separate item, pricing indicated on our website.

Any dyno numbers?

Stage 1 93 octane:….php?t=1297004

Stage 2 93 octane:….php?t=1320220

More dynos to follow with additional modifications and octane.

Any other results?

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Burble with an aftermarket exhaust:…rotuningfreaks

Burble with a stock exhaust (stock downpipes/stock rear section):…rotuningfreaks

S55 E85 beta map in testing stock turbos vs FBO GTR:…rotuningfreaks

S55 E85 beta map in testing, M6 Stage 2 tune (another tuner);…rotuningfreaks

Stage 1 OTS on 93, stock car with a K&N drop-in panel filter:…rotuningfreaks

Pure Stage 2, FBO, clutch upgrades, full E85 with PI injection, BM3 backend flash and JB4 vs Tuned C7 Z06:…rotuningfreaks

Above on the dyno:…rotuningfreaks

Above Pure Stage 2 car vs. BPM tuned F10 M5:…rotuningfreaks

Above Pure Stage 2 car at 1/2 mile: 172.8mph:…rotuningfreaks

Stock turbos, OTS Stage 2 on 93 octane with just downpipes:…rotuningfreaks

Stock turbos, custom tune, M4 60-130mph@7.1secs:…rotuningfreaks

Can I run E85 or meth and do you have OTS maps for these?

Yes, they’re currently in beta and we’d love to have you on board with us going through testing.

Do you offer backend flashes to run with a JB4?

Yes. In fact our OTS Stage 1 and Stage 2 maps are great backend flashes as they raise load and torque targets far higher than stock allowing the DME and TCU to run as close to actual values as possible.

How do I datalog?

Using the bootmod3 mobile app and agent running in the car while connected to the bootmod3 servers (cloud).

Can I use my JB4 mobile app with your flash and log with JB Mobile?

Yes, absolutely.

Do I need to always have a laptop with me in the car to run the agent? Do I need the device always plugged in?

No. Agent that runs on a laptop or hardware device is only required to be used if using the bootmod3 app features. Otherwise, no need for anything to be plugged into the OBDII port.

What’s the difference between bootmod3 and JB4?

bootmod3 reprograms the vehicle’s factory engine control unit (DME). JB4 is a piggyback device that works in tandem with the DME to offer additional features.

Can I tune my own car with bootmod3?

Custom tuning for the end user is coming out soon. TunerPro XDF files will be provided for the initial release for anyone looking to spend time and dive into it on their own or with a tuner of their choice without additional cost.

Will this void my warranty?

As with any aftermarket hardware modification on the car or any tuning, there is a chance the dealer may refuse or void the drivetrain portion of your warranty. Many dealers are highly tolerant towards modifications and if you don’t have one, find yourself a friendly Service Advisor.”